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Where social network research meets survey methodology


EgoGalaxy is a web survey tool catering to survey methodologists and social network researchers. It offers specialized question modules for collecting ego-centric social network data.  EgoGalaxy also provides a very flexible interface for question design that allows researchers to account for the design principles noted in the literature of survey methodology that apply to any substantive field of interest.

EgoGalaxy.org is also the web survey hosting site for the research projects of EgoGalaxy’s creator, Yuli Patrick Hsieh.

Survey Project Completed

The Communication Technologies and Personal Networks Survey is completed on June, 2013.

Project Goal 1

The project evaluates whether ICT recall aids can improve the data quality of the personal network survey.

Project Goal 2

More importantly, it seeks to understand how people use technologies to stay in touch with their personal networks.

Dissertation Defended

The initial analysis of the survey data was completed and the first project, dissertation, was successfully defended on September 3rd, 2013.

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